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About Fontana Sushi Denver

Fontana Sushi has been a staple of the Washpark neighborhood since it's opening in 1999. Independently owned and operated, Fontana Sushi continually innovates and evolves with Japanese and Chinese cuisine's trends. Bringing the freshest fish from around the world, combined with the latest culinary ideas and technique at a neighborhood friendly price. It is a warm place to celebrate friends, special occasions, or to just relax and enjoy the food.

Our Story

Chef Danny Niu

Chef Danny left his hometown of Shanghai in his teens to pursue a dream of becoming a sushi chef. He started from the very bottom and worked his way up in sushi restaurants in Japan. He left Tokyo for New York where he continued to learn all the trends and aspects of making great sushi but also adding his own signature to a traditional Japanese food. After years of apprenticeship he finally came to Denver, Colorado to start his own restaurant. Together with his wife and son (who also became a sushi chef) they opened Fontana Sushi. A comfortable neighborhood sushi restaurant that allows for creativity to flow and menu items to change constantly. His son, Chef Chen was groomed from a young age and now travels to China and Japan to learn the latest trends and ingredients that make sushi an ever evolving food.

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